Friday, October 12, 2012

When Friends Dream

I'm sitting on the subway home, teary-eyed from my theater experience. I just watched a good friend of mine, Jesse Swimm, perform as Bert in Mary Poppins. A man I've known for over ten years. (I drank a shot of whiskey at his 21st birthday) A man I've admired for his endless hard work and powerful determination. A man i have learned from as an artist, a business woman and a friend. A man I've had a little crush on since sophomore year at CSUF (no use denying it) even as we remain the picture perfect platonic relationship. More than anything, a man i will always remember as one who made his dream come true.

Anything can happen if you let it

I want to cry tears of happiness for him. I want to pass around my autographed playbill to everyone in this subway car and say the words 'i know him'. Im star struck. I want to shout from the mountaintops and tell literally the entire world how proud I am of him. He did it!

During Let's Go Fly A Kite it hit me that I was watching a dear friend on a broadway stage, doing what they love and being really really good. and I cried. When he tap danced on the ceiling, something he's dreamed of since booking the show, I cried. And when he came out for his bow, to the cheers of hundreds of people who loved his work, I cried tears of such joy. They were overwhelming.

He did it. And I am proud beyond words

Watching your friends achieve their dreams might possibly be one of my favorite emotions ever.  I can't stop smiling!

Get out there and make those dreams a reality. Dreams are made with strong elastic.

Congrats Jesse. You are an amazing man and I hope to someday (after you win your Tony) sell your autograph for thousands. As a matching set with mine and my Tony.

Keep dreaming my friends. And then get out there and make that dream a reality!

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