Friday, September 22, 2017

GUT CHECK TIME - 2017 Goals Progress Report

100 days left of 2017. How close am I to achieving my goals set for 2017, keeping in mind the absolute shit-show this year has been? Not an excuse, merely a bigger obstacle than I anticipated.
- Lose 30 lbs (5%) - This remains the white whale (pun intended). I've lost 5lbs. I am shooting for at least 10 more before 2018
- Do full splits on both sides (50%) - I can do full on the right. Left is taking her time. Hip trouble is not helping, but dancing every day totally is
- Full headstand w/o the wall (5%) - I can lean my body against the wall. This is still possible before the end of the year though!
- 6 halfs and 3 fulls (10%) - not nearly enough races this year. However, I have New Mexico in Oct, a 5k this weekend and at least 3 more 5ks before the end of the year. Will most likely get another half in there as well now that the weather is gorgeous
- Run/walk 2017 miles (64%) - I am on track to complete this one!
- Pay down $20k (15%) - I'm chipping away at this. Still have 5 years of debt ahead of me, but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
- Build emergency fund (6%) - I have $400 in savings. More than I've had in the past. Less than ideal.
- SDCC for full 4 days (50%) I was able to go out for 2 days and it was wonderful
- 2 new marathon states (50%) I'll get NM done but probably not a second state
- See family 4 times (50%) January show and 4th of July celebrations! Will see them in Nov and December
- Book shows consistently (100%!) I have worked my butt off and have booked a show every month in 2017 so far. My career is moving forward!
- $5k in income (100%!) I thought I set a too lofty of a goal here. But I set it and I achieved it! It feels good to be validated!
- Get an agent (0%) This is still on going. I need an agent so I can make more money and quit my "day job", allowing me to be a full time entertainer. I know it's possible!
Looks like I have some work to do! #LetsDoThis

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Dreaming - Question 11

Quesiton 11 - Describe 10 pet peeves you have

YES!! I LOVE this question!! I have more than ten, but here are just a few.

- Businesses who leave their "Open" sign on when they are, in fact, NOT open.
- Toilet lids left up.
- People who don't use their blinkers.
- Billboards that are still up after the event is over. This runs true for yard sale signs as well.
- Books haphazardly put onto shelves.
- Bad grammar on the internet. Do people not understand that EVERYONE can see it?!!?
- Freezers without ice in them.
- Bendy straws - they never work like you want them to.
- People sitting on my bed without asking.
- Broken bindings on a book.

Oh- and stores who advertise something and then don't have it. Take the sign down if you're all out!

See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Dreaming - Question 10

Question 10 - Describe your most embarrassing moment

I don't have a lot of embarassing moments. I don't embarass easily. Well let's fix that- I feel emabarrassed about things I have done (barefoot walking down The Strip, massive mistakes in relationships, calling someone by the wrong name whom I have been working with for 2 years) but I can't think of one "moment". I'm sure someone out there can. Please feel free to chime in!

Oh, and currently the state of my car embarasses me. It's a disaster and that's nothing I like people seeing.

See you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Dreaming - Question 9

Question 9 - List 10 people who have inspired you

- My Mom
- My Dad
- Cristin
- Emily
- Elizabeth Cady Stanton
- Judi Dench
- Anne Bolyen
- Julia Child
- Eleanor Roosevelt
- My friends (more than ten but who cares! They are all amazing and bring something wonderful to my life.)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Dreaming - Question 8

Question 8 - What are 5 passions you have?

- Interaction. This covers a lot of what drives me and makes me happy. I love to interact with people. I love to chat with the people I server food to, to the woman who checks me out at the grocery store, to the man selling me a water at the 7-11. I love to meet people and hear their stories. I love to be with people- especially my family. I am not an introvert, nor do I do well being alone. I love having my bf over for company. I love going home and seeing my family. I love calling my friends and hearing their voice. I love interacting with people and want to do it all day long.

- Food. I believe in all aspects of food but I am most passionate about the good stuff. I want to eat fresh, organic, elaborate meals filled with yummy flavors and stories about how the person came to make the dish. I love to cook with my family. I slack off when it's just me - I'm totally fine with a bowl of cereal (which is also something to be passionate about)- but I am passionate about sustainable eating, creative ways to eat well and finding new ways to eat the same thing. There isn't a symphony that goes off in my head when I eat something. It's more like I'm passionate about being able to eat what I want to eat. I hope that will more money and time I will be able to fully flush out my love and make every recipe that are currently gathering dust in my cookbook shelves.

- The Arts - Music, film, musical theater, theater, theater history, modern art, literature, hip-hop, classical's all in there. I believe art showcases people in a way that no other thing can. It should be embraced by all, even the tone-deaf-color-blind-engineers out there. Without the beauty art brings, we have no need for the straight lines of "normal" life. Artists are a gift and I believe they should be supported wherever possible.

- Money - I do a crap job of keeping it, but I am constantly working to make more of it. I love what it can do, I love the doors it can open, I love looking at it, dreaming about it, spending it, sharing it. Money is a brilliant addition to life and I love everything about it. Especially when I have a lot of it!

- Love - I LOVE to love things. All things. And when I hate something, I LOVE to hate it. I like the all encompassing happiness love can bring to the people who feel it. I am passionate about sharing love with as many people in my life that I can and bringing love to as many things in my life as I can.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Dreaming - Question 7

Question 7 - What is your dream job and why?

My dream job is to be a working, household name actor for the stage and screen. I would like a career akin to the likes of Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Scarlotte Johanssen, Maggie Smith, Patrick Stewart, David Tennant, Hugh Jackman, Natalie Portman, Angela Landsbury, Angelica Houston, David Craig. An ideal week for me would be shooting a movie on location, doing press for the blockbuster that is coming out in the next few months and memorizing lines for the West End show that opens in a week. I would also be working on my book, attending awards shows and movie premieres and lecturing at universities. Let's also throw in my daily workouts with a trainer and meals prepared by my chef.

Oh yes - I'm going to be huge!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Dreaming - Question 6

Question 6 - What's the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

Hands down- watching my father get sick, weaken and pass away.